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Our origin goes back to 1980 when we were the Acrylics Division of PT Astari Niagara, a company which produced acrylic sheets and wooden photo frames. We were the first and only cast acrylic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia, pioneering the market.

Such was our success that in 2001 the Acrylics Division formally spun off and was legally reorganized as PT Astari Niagara Internasional.

Today, Astari Niagara Internasional has become a leading manufacturer in the global market, producing high quality cast acrylic sheets that successfully competes with European and American made products.

1980            Our history begins as the Acrylics Division of PT Astari Niagara. We were then the first and only cast acrylic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia.
1980 - 1994 Several expansion programs and continuous improvement in quality and engineering were achieved.
1994            Started selling to international market.
1994 - 2000  Continous improvement in quality
De-bottlenecking and quality improvement projects
2000            Expansion of Bitung factory.
Acquired ISO 9001: 2000 certification, the first acrylic-sheet producer to attain such certification. Legal reorganization from PT Astari Niagara to become PT Astari Niagara Internasional.
2006            Implemented an ERP integrated computerized system and resource planning system.
Adopted and implemented Japanese 5-S production management system.
2008            Began construction of Cikupa plant.
2009 Second factory (Cikupa) began operations.
Opened a dedicated European office in Germany, Astari Europe GmbH.
2010            Opened a dedicated office in Australia, Astari Pacific Pty Ltd.
ISO quality system upgraded to ISO-9001:2008.


Opened dedicated office in the USA, Astari Americas Inc.
2015            Third factory will started manufacture.



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